Avoiding those awkward conversations has never been the best solution in any context, by not talking about the issues it does not mean they will go away. What it does ensure is that smaller issues grow, difficult discussions get more problematic and in any family business these can impact on emotions and family relationships.

Family businesses tend to take an extra seat at the dining room table because they are such a big part of the family dynamic. For some people this prompts conversation and an open conversation environment, for others it creates resentment and animosity that business, almost a living organism, is 24/7 and is negatively impacting on the family.

Don’t make the easiest of mistakes and forget how to talk to family members, they are probably the easiest people to have a conversation with. If you do feel that you can not find a way to have that awkward conversation you need to get help, someone to be impartial but to get both sides talking, as the sooner it is overcome, the sooner you can all forge ahead.